Sensory-Informed SEL: Transforming and Empowering Classrooms

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Sensory-Informed SEL: Transforming and Empowering Classrooms!

Understanding and addressing students’ sensory needs and emotional intelligence can significantly enhance their learning experience and overall development. And thus, the collaboration of Sensory-Informed Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is crucial in creating effective and inclusive educational environments. However, many educators need help to weave SEL principles seamlessly into their daily classroom routines. This course will provide a comprehensive, practical guide to implementing sensory-informed SEL strategies leading to an enhanced classroom dynamic, educator empowerment, and the impact on student success.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the integration of sensory awareness and social-emotional learning in education.
  2. Identify and apply practical sensory-informed SEL techniques in classroom activities.
  3. Address common challenges in implementing sensory-informed SEL and propose practical solutions.
  4. Develop an inclusive learning environment that caters to all students’ emotional capacities and diverse sensory needs.

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Course Information:

Target Audience: Building-level educators, school-based counselors, SEL coordinators, and educational psychologists.
Course Instructor: Jewelisa Blanks, M.Ed
Total run time: 120 minutes

Course Sensory-Informed SEL: Transforming and Empowering classrooms
Code GOJ1
Type e-Learning (Online)
Language English
Duration 2 hrs
Publisher Gifts Of Joy
Instructor(s) Jewelisa Blanks